We are creating websites based on Wordpress or custom designs based on Nette framework.
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We provide space for your websites and make tem availabe and accesible to all your visitors.
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Server housing
We provide space on our infrastructure for your servers.
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Cloud backup
We provide services for backuping your data into secure place. We handle installation at your site a...
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Application development
We make applications in these areas: Web development - Web applications includes programming PH...
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Synology Snapshot Replication
Network Attached Storages (NAS) from Synology have function Snapshot Replication. This service allows you synchronize your data in set-up time interval across several NASes. This function i...
Virus alert – img files
If you get file with img extension, don't open them. You may have in your computer viruses which are not active and then they are harmless. The virus is usually hiden in the softwar...
Network attackers
As you know there are some attackers that may try to break into your network. Although they might use for their attack infected computers from over the world (and it is the most often strat...