We are creating websites based on Wordpress or custom designs based on Nette framework.
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We provide space for your websites and make tem availabe and accesible to all your visitors.
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Server housing
We provide space on our infrastructure for your servers.
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Cloud backup
We provide services for backuping your data into secure place. We handle installation at your site a...
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Application development
We make applications in these areas: Web development - Web applications includes programming PH...
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If you work with SQL databases and you are looking for good opensource tool for handling these databases have a look at HeidiSQL. This software support databases MariaDB, MySQL, Microsof...
Creating PDF forms
PDF files are not only for reading documents. We can also create forms that users can fill in on their computers and send it back. How we can create such forms? There are very good profe...
Notebook with Windows 10 and 32 GB storage

Is 32 GB of storage enough in notebook with Windows 10?